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We are very proud of our reputation for a high standard of workmanship, but there is often a lot of work to be done before we even start work on any roof.

There is usually an initial survey of the site to check the area to be worked on where we will normally take measurements and photographs to create an accurate record of the site. This survey will also indicate where scaffolding will be required or where arrangements for difficult access will be necessary.

We will discuss the proposed works with our clients to consider their own requirements where appropriate, or to offer advice when required. Where several options are available, we will be pleased to provide itemised free quotations for consideration.

We will also be pleased to arrange scaffolding and skips where these are required, and also organise the necessary Local Authority permits and licences for you.

References and samples may be provided upon request. Where tiles are being considered we can normally offer a choice of colours for consideration.

If a client has any questions after receiving their quotation we will be pleased to answer them before leaving them to make a decision on whether to proceed. We do not normally require a deposit from our clients when they place their order with us. We will complete the work and then provide an invoice for the agreed costs once everything has been finished.


While you are considering the work on your roofing project:

  • are there other associated works that you may want included at the same time?
  • do the rainwater gutters require repair or replacement?
  • does that brickwork to the chimney stacks or parapet walls require an overhaul?

If you ask us for a quote for these additional items, we may be able to reduce the cost if it is included with the roofing works as our workmen will be in the ideal position to combine all the work required.