Replacement of Extension Tiled Roof due to Shallow Roof Pitch

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Property in Sidcup, Kent

The client was complaining that he had constant leaks from the roof of a large extension on the side of his property that he had bought 5 years previously, despite attempts from various builders to rectify the problem. The extension had been built by the previous owner and passed by the Local Authority Building Officer as satisfactory.

We carried out an inspection and soon noted that the tiles used for the extension roof were not suited to the shallow roof pitch that had been constructed.

We advised the client that the extension roof should be stripped and recovered with new materials, including new roof tiles designed to work at such a shallow roof pitch.

Scaffolding was arranged and the roof was promptly stripped and recovered in accordance with good working practices. New lead valley linings were fitted between the main roof and the extension roof, and eave protection provided above the fascia boards.

We also arranged for the roof to be inspected by the Local Authority Building Officer, as the original roof had been passed as satisfactory by his office, despite the obvious error in the tiles that had been fitted.

The roof is now finished to the client's satisfaction and leaks are no longer a problem.