Relay Roofing: Worth Waiting For

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If you decide to use Relay Roofing for your roofing work, we thank you for your choice.

Should you have any questions that require answering before you make any decision, do not hesitate to contact Derek Hollyoake FGBC at Relay Roofing so we can help you without delay.

We aim to respond to all enquiries as quickly and efficiently as possible but there are certain times – usually during or following extremely severe weather conditions – when there may a delay before we can get to you. Unless you require emergency repairs we suggest you do not rush to make use of cowboy builders who may try to use the situation to their advantage, and at your expense.

Obtain expert advice where possible and get several quotes for the repairs required to compare the proposed works as well as the different prices.

You should ensure that any roofing work you have carried out is undertaken by experienced and qualified workmen. This may seem obvious, but many unskilled “builders” will be willing to take your money in return for a shoddy job that is often difficult to inspect and will later prove to be ineffective, normally after you have paid them the money that they ask for.

We often hear from dissatisfied customers who regret making a rushed decision to have their roof repaired by opportunist builders who have taken money for a job that failed to address their original problem, and in some cases has made the situation even worse than before.

We may not be able to help with emergency repairs, but we can certainly help where a permanent solution to a roofing problem is required.

Contact us for expert roofing advice and for help from an experienced and qualified company that has been assisting our clients since 1977.