Make A Considered Decision

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The need to call in a roofing company is often a matter of urgency. Do not rush into engaging a company just because they are available, or because they are local or because you are desperate. Do not be afraid to ask for references from previous clients. Ask for a copy of their Public Insurance certificate below allowing them to start any work on your property (this is a legal requirement for builders). Are they members of any Trade Federations? You can easily check online if they say they are.

To make a rushed decision could cause more problems in the future, rather than resolving the one you started with. We suggest you get free quotations (not estimates) from reputable companies for comparison. Do not pay deposits (or money up front or before all work is completed). Get an invoice for the payments due and check if there are guarantees on the work carried out for you.

Get everything in writing as people can have short memories when there is a dispute about work that may not have been carried out correctly for you.